Terms & Conditions

1.0 Amendments and modifications

  • All requests for modifications/amendments/date changes must be made in writing and sent directly to the Agency, preferably via e-mail. However, please remember that an individual modification/amendment/date change may attract an additional fee. Date-change requests and amendments are dependable on availability. The agency can’t guarantee the success of date-change requests.
  • The Agency will pick you up at the time and date scheduled on your voucher and itinerary. Please check if all the details on the voucher are correct before the trip. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that tour dates and times are stated correctly according to their requirements.

2.0 Cancellation

  • Tours: At the time of booking, you will be asked to pay either the full amount of the price or a deposit. Refunds will be made in the form of a refund to your credit card according to the rules below. 
    • Cancellation 10+ days before the tour departure – you will lose 10% of the amount we hold plus an additional refund fee will be deducted for cancellation.
    • Cancellation within ten days before the tour departure – you can expect no refund. 
    • All requests for refunds must be made in writing, preferably via email, and directed to the Agency.
  • Hotels: If you have booked hotels with your tours through the Agency, remember that at the time of booking your deposit amount will include 1-night accommodation charge for the accommodation. If you would like to cancel, you will be refunded as follows: 
    • Cancellation 10+ days before arrival – we will not deduct any further cancellation fees other than those stated above. (clause 2.0.1). 
    • Cancellation within ten days before a tour departure -We will deduct a further cancellation fee of one night’s accommodation charge for each room booked in addition to the cancellation fees above. (clause 2.0.1)
  • In the rare event that the Agency cancels the service, a full refund will be made. 
    • If payment was made by credit card online – The refund will be made back to your credit card.
    • If payment was made by credit card at our office – The refund will be made in cash to collect from our office.
    • If payment was made in cash at our office – The refund will be made in cash to collect from our office.
    • For cash refunds, if you are not available to collect from our office, we can make a refund by bank transfer. We will also deduct a bank transfer fee from the total refund amount. 

3.0 Pricing 

  • Prices listed on the Agency website are per person unless specified otherwise. 
  • We do not guarantee any price quoted in your local currency. If you request a quote in your local currency, then this is subject to change depending on the prevailing exchange rate until full payment has been made.
  • Option prices for the accommodation or tour are correct at the time of the quote, but please note that the option prices are subject to change without notice as they are dictated by independent organizations which are not controlled by the Agency. 

4.0 Airport, train, bus station and hotel transfers

  • The Agency will pick you up at the designated airport, bus or train station according to the arrival information you provide to us. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that the correct arrival information is provided including at which airport, bus station, ferry port or train station arrival will happen, along with the flight number and arrival time. 
  • If your arrival transport is more than 3 hours late, the Agency saves the right to cancel the transport service. Then, the transfer fee will be forfeited by the customer. 
  • For hotel transfers, it is the client’s responsibility to provide the full name and address of the hotel. The agency must be informed of the hotel name and address at least 48 hours before the tour’s scheduled departure time.

5.0 Itinerary 

  • The agency will do everything to complete your stated itinerary. However, in rare circumstances, it’s possible the tour plan can’t be completed. In such situations, no refund or part refund will be mandatory. 
  • All stated return times are approximate. Actual return times can happen earlier or later than the times stated depending on factors such as traffic conditions, the pace of the tour, etc. 
  • If you have further travel connections after the tour, for example, flights, the agency will do everything to get you back to the hotel or to the departure point in good time. However, the Agency will not be financially responsible for missed departures. 

6.0 Hotel Bookings

For hotels booked by the agency, we will not be responsible for the quality of any services or accommodation offered at the hotel. Any refunds at hotels will be handled under the hotels own cancellation policy. 

‌7.0 Special meal requirements

If you have requested special meal requirements, we will facilitate this but please note that there is a requirement of letting the Agency know about your food restrictions and preferences at least 24 hours before the tour.  

8.0 Visas

If you are booking a flight through the Agency, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they have the correct visa and passport validity. No refunds for flights can be made if the customer is not allowed to board a flight or is refused entry as they do not hold the correct visa.